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Online events made their way into our lives, and we all know how. Online events were introduced to us in the most unexpected ways, and there hasn’t been any single industry left that didn’t get affected by the wrath of the pandemic. It is why almost all industries started to host online events.

However, as time passed, it came to everybody’s realization that online events are far more convenient than the traditional way of hosting events. Therefore, even though things are everyday now, organizers are still holding on to online events, and it goes without saying that online events are here to stay for a longer period of time. 

Not only this, but from now on, online events have become a permanent option that the organizers can choose to host their events. 

Talking of various industries that got affected by this and started to host online events. The entertainment industry also didn’t hold itself back, and there have been many formats of events that came up. In this blog, we will talk about the top ways the entertainment industry has used webinar platforms in the past few years. So, without any ado, let us jump into the blog and see what those ways are. 

  • Online Film Festivals: 

Film festivals are one of the most common types of events that take place in the entertainment industry. One can define online film festivals as simply film festivals that happen over a webinar platform. In a film festival, movie screenings take place, where the audience votes for some movies, and they win respective awards. Though film festivals can also be conducted for entertainment and educational purposes, selecting a winner is one of the most common reasons organizations conduct film festivals for. The history of online film festivals dates back to the 1990s. However, it was during the pandemic that online film festivals became this common. 

Film festivals were among those festivals and events that had to be canceled due to the pandemic. However, when event-hosting platforms came into existence, filmmakers and film festival organizers got an opportunity to take their festivals online. Though it goes without saying that online film festivals allowed audiences and film lovers from all over the world to connect with each other. For example, somebody sitting in Mumbai, India, got an opportunity to attend the Toronto Film Festival. Hence, the entertainment industry made good use of webinar platforms by hosting online film festivals. 


  • Virtual Concerts: 

Another kind of event that became extremely popular in the entertainment industry with the onset of the pandemic is virtual concerts. You can define virtual concerts as the musical performances that take place on the event hosting platforms. Since there are several self-managed online event platforms available, organizers can design their concerts just the way they want. This feature gives them the freedom to host concerts that are highly close to real-life concerts. Virtual musical concerts enabled the artists to connect with their audience in times of adversity and expand their fan bases. Not only this, but the audience also got an opportunity to listen to their favorite international singers and artists without having to leave the comfort of their homes. 


  • Online Comedy Shows: 

Online comedy shows are the performances of comedians for the audience that takes place on an online event-hosting platform rather than a physical venue. Online comedy shows became extremely popular in the times of the pandemic for obvious reasons. First, they enabled comedians to connect with their audience from all regions of the world. Second, everybody was looking for a reason to laugh during the pandemic, and online comedy shows helped people distract themselves from the pandemic and laugh. Not only this, but since online events became extremely popular during those times, organizers started to conduct online comedy shows to entertain their audiences during the entertainment sessions. 

Also, talking about the format, online comedy shows can be hosted both live and pre-recorded. Hence, if you want to have a live stand-up comedy show for your audience, you can do that. Also, if you want to record the performance and then play for your audience, you can do that as well. 


  • Online Movie Screenings: 

Another kind of event that became popular in the entertainment industry in the past few years is virtual movie screens. We all know that cinemas were one of those things that had to be classed due to the pandemic. During that time several movie makers decided to go with online VOD platforms. However, there were many who chose to stay back and wait till things were to get normal. But those who once opted for online platforms for the screening of their movies decided to continue with them. Now after all this time, there are many movie producers and filmmakers who have decided to go back to the cinema as they believe event hosting platforms will never be able to deliver the ‘larger-than-life’ experience to the attendees. However, a few still wish to go with the VOD platforms as these platforms allow them to reach out to a wider audience. 


  • Online Movie Award Shows: 

Award ceremonies and the entertainment industry go hand in hand. Where these award ceremonies were held in person on a very large scale with all the razzle and dazzle. However, with things turning virtual more, movie award shows also started to be hosted on self-managed online event platforms. Going virtual with movie award shows helped several organizations save hefty amounts of money, who had already planned their award shows. 

The sudden occurrence of the event hosting platforms enabled several organizations to save huge amounts of money. Not only this, turning to virtual event platforms enabled organizers to reach out to a large number of people at once. Also, it goes without saying that the entertainment industry rose to different levels of prominence during the pandemic. This is because of the fact that such events enabled the audience to get their minds off the crisis that was at its peak at that time. Moreover, it enabled them to connect with their favorite artists from across the globe while sitting at their homes. 




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