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If we look at history, the two most famous ethnic groups of Europe were the Vikings Jewelry and Celts. During the industrial period, renaissance period, and middle ages, these two groups were among the largest racial groups belonging to the European nation.

However, over millennia, the Vikings and Celtics got into continual fusion, and they were later on called the Vikingceltic. But, if you are still wondering who the Vikings were and what are the main discoveries of Viking jewelry, this article is for you. 

Below, we will provide you with complete details about the Vikings and the discoveries of their jewelry and community standards. So, keep reading it!  

Who Were Vikings? Where Did They Reside?

Vikings were the Nordic people, and they were also called the Normans. They were part of the Germanic people because they belong to Northern Europe, and this place was the cradle of German people. 

Hence, the descendants of the Viking community were Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians. But, they had no relationship with the Celt community, and they were never ruled by the Celts. 

Why Did Vikings Involve In Pirating?

During the early age of piracy, Vikings began to plunder monasteries, vulnerable places, and churches along the coasts of England and other European continents. Thus, people started calling the Viking community murderous plunderers. They were not just invaders, conquerors, or plunderers, but they were great adventurers and businessmen, too. 

Therefore, there is no fixed statement about the Viking people whether they were good or bad. Though they did a lot of bad deeds, they created a lot of good things. Moreover, as the people of Viking were rich in ornaments, they used to sell their necklaces for trading purposes, and their jewelry items became famous worldwide.

The Main Discoveries Of Viking Jewelry:

Now, let us explain some of the main discoveries of Viking jewelry:

  • Discovery Of Viking Gold Ring At Blackwater River

In 1980, there were different degrading projects ongoing, and a part of Blackwater got drained. Some researchers took advantage of the drained river and started searching for treasures. 

Nevertheless, they also found Viking jewelry in the form of rings with the help of their metal detectors. It was found that the Viking ring was found in the 9th century AD. As the Viking people attacked another city near the Black River, this ring might have fallen from the hand of any warrior. 

  • Discovery Of Ancient Viking Jewelry (The Huxley Hoard)

The second discovery of Viking jewelry was made at the same time in 1989, which was in the neighborhood of Huxley England. Some researchers went to the site of Blackwater River, and with the help of metal detectors, a lot of Viking jewelry was found at that site by Steve Reynoldson. 

There were 21 silver arm rings in the discovered jewelry, which belonged to about the 10th century AD. The designs of these Viking rings were unique and different as these rings were designed in an adjustable way and can be worn on any finger by adjusting them according to the wearer’s finger size. It was easy for the Viking community to re-melt the jewelry and use them in parts for trading.  

  • Discovery Of Ancient Viking Jewelry (The Silverdale Hoard)

The third discovery of Viking jewelry was made in 2011 at Silverdale, England. Researchers discovered a warehouse of the Viking period, and it belonged to 900 AD. Similar to the two previous discoveries, the research of this area was the task of private people, and it was not organized work. 

Darren Webster utilized his metal detector and found a lot of hidden treasure in the warehouse. With his continuous digging, he found out that there were a lot of metal objects buried underground. He found 200 pieces of jewelry, and one of them was coins related to the Viking community buried underground in a basket. Hence, the basket’s weight was 1 kilogram. 

Some other items included in the basket were: 

  • Two-finger rings
  • Ten arm rings
  • Six parts of Viking brooches 
  • Fourteen ingots made of silver
  • Twenty-seven coins (Viking, Middle Eastern, and Anglo-Saxon)
  • One wire braid
  • One hundred forty-one chopped fragments of armrings and ingots

Wrapping Up!

The above are the complete details about the Vikings and the discovery of their precious jewelry in the modern world. These days, people are searching for Viking jewelry as it is made of pure gold and silver, and they are worth a lot in the present era. If you are one of those who love to wear Viking jewelry, check out Vikingceltic and start exploring their widest collection of modern artisan jewelry! 



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