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As part of its commitment to school education and improving health and wellbeing, Health and Social Care in schools is a key priority. Schools can access support and information to help them deliver health and wellbeing programmes that enable their pupils to maintain good health and wellbeing.

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Earlier this month, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced a new Health and Social Care Jobs Programme (HSJE) to develop, improve and create opportunities to increase the health and social care workforce.

HR, Health and Social Care Departments will work together with health and care leaders, employers and unions to help deliver an exceptional health and social care workforce.

The Department for Education has already delivered a list of new Health and Social Care Jobs for Schools including doctors, teachers and social workers.

HR, Health and Social Care Departments will work together to develop a new jobs list of health and social care professionals to ensure that the health and social care workforce 

The Department will consult with employers, unions, education providers and other relevant stakeholders to deliver a new Health and Social Care jobs programme that includes guidance and support for employers, including apprenticeships.

As part of the HSJE, and Department’s own individual strategy for 2022.

An expert review of the health workforce is currently underway.

Further education coverage

Civil servants working in Higher Education have welcomed plans for a School of Education Policy Unit.

As part of the Department for Education’s Education and Skills (E&S) strategy for 2022, they will work to develop educational services that better equip learners, teachers, educational leaders and university staff to manage the educational journey and support the transition to adult education and employment.

The Civil Service will also work to develop a skills strategy for the education and training sector.

As part of the Education and Skills Plan, the Department for Education is creating the School of Education Policy Unit to help make sure that the higher education sector in the UK has the education and skills support it needs.

It will support the development of educational policy and support skills strategy development to ensure that the education and training sector is given support it needs to adapt to changing needs.

HR, Social Care and Employment Policy Departments will work together on policy to improve health and social care.

Health and Social Care in Schools, as well as Health and Social Care Administration and Operations Policy, have joined together to develop policy, guidance and support that will improve health and social care services to schools, pupils and staff, as well as providing support and advice for schools on health and wellbeing.

Organisations working in health and social care will receive further support to improve access and provide better health and wellbeing services.

The Department will work with Health and Social Care Administration and Operations Policy Departments to develop more jobs



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